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The financial hub of India, Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) located on India’s west coast is the country's largest city. On the Mumbai Harbour waterfront stands the iconic Gateway of India stone arch, built by the British Raj in 1924. Home to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Mumbai is a thriving global city that has a lot to offer the tourist and businessman alike.

Offshore, nearby Elephanta Island holds ancient cave temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Elephanta Caves is a specimen of rock cut art and architecture from the times of medieval India. It is an island and is located at a distance of 11km from the city of Mumbai. It also provides an amazing view of the Mumbai skyline.

The city's also famous as the heart of the Bollywood film industry. Spread across a vast area of 520 acres, the Film City is comprised of about twenty indoor studios and is located in Aarey Colony, Mumbai, Film City is often regarded as a home of Bollywood. The place is so vast that about 1000 film sets can be erected here simultaneously. Over the years, it has been the locations for a number of Bollywood films. Almost over 900 movies and many more television shows have also been shot here. Today, Film City has grown to be one of the best film studios, well-equipped with all the essential amenities and world-class facilities. Not only is it a great place for film shoots, but it is also filled with verdant greenery and refreshing expanses.

Built on the lines of the Film City of California, today it is considered as synonymous to Bollywood. There is no denying the enigma that filmmaking holds on every one of us, and Film City gives a chance to live out our dream with its various tours. Some excursions are organised in the premises of the Film City which are aimed at the different aspects of movie - making, which are open to all who wish to experience it. You can visit sets that depict foreign locations right here in Mumbai, or learn the nuances of acting at the live movie shoot tours. A land where it is difficult to differentiate between reality and dreams, Film City is a must visit for all movie buffs.

One of the most crowded and electrifying places to visit in Mumbai is the Colaba Causeway, famous for being a shopping paradise and having endless shops to choose from. It has a charm about it, which will suck you into its world of colourful shops and old-world cafes like a magnet.

The Siddhivinayak Temple in the Prabhadevi area is a revered shrine dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is one of the most significant and frequented temples in Mumbai. This temple was built in the year 1801 by Laxman Vithu and Deubai Patil. The couple did not have any children of their own and decided to build the Siddhivinayak temple so as to fulfil the wishes of other infertile women. Interestingly, the statue of Lord Ganesha here is believed to be self-manifested and grants wishes.

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