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Peter Hollmann Pet Photography
0410 287 557
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Peter Hollmann Pet PhotographyBungendore to Yass, Tharwa to Goulburn, Canberra mobile and home services AUSTRALIAN-CAPTIAL-TERRITORY-ACT 2600, Australia

Every pet has a story. I want to help you tell yours - I'm a Canberra pet photographer dedicated to creating beautiful images of your pet. I create artwork with heart - celebrating the special bond you have with your furry friends.

Imagine the best afternoon walk you’ve ever had with your four-legged friend. You might be at the park, in the bush, or playing at the beach. Perhaps you’re teaching your old dog some new tricks. The sun’s shining and there’s a rosy hue to the day. Your top dog fetches a stick, romps through the water, and has a big shaggy shake. He bounds over and looks up to you with big, adoring eyes. Now, imagine capturing the way you feel in this moment forever.

I want to help you celebrate your pets with beautiful pet artwork. Picture your family and friends admiring beautifully crafted photos of your canine companion. Coming home at the end of a long day to a gorgeous canvas of your lovely old Lab when he was a playful puppy. Gazing at your beloved Burmese cat in a framed picture at work (and the inevitable “Oohs” and “Aahhs” from your admiring colleagues).

It’s much more than just a photo shoot - I take pride in presenting you artful, quality pet photography. It’s bespoke and tailored to you and your pet. You’ll enjoy an experience that’s so much more than just a photo shoot.

Ian Champ Photography
Ian Champ PhotographyCanberra &, Canberra mobile and home services AUSTRALIAN-CAPTIAL-TERRITORY-ACT, Australia

Face it - your pet is just as much a member of your family as the rest of your household. In fact, your pet loves you more than the rest of your family put together, and - let's be honest here - your pet is more photogenic too! Think how good a huge print of your beloved pet will look hung in pride of place on your wall. Ian Champ is a talented photographer and the proud winner of the Klixus Best Album Competition.

Ian lives in Canberra but is willing to take on exciting jobs from anywhere within a few hours drive.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

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